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The Jenny Berggren Source ( / is a non commercial website. Made by fans for fans.


If you have any questions or content for our site please use


The decision of the Hamburg Landgericht (District Court) on 12 May 1998 (312 O 85/98 – „Haftung für Links“  (Liability for Links) has the consequence that when one installs a hyperlink, one automatically has responsibility  for the contents  of the linked web page. According to the Landgericht this can only be prevented by expressly distancing oneself from such contents. The Jenny Berggren Source hereby distances itself expressly from all contents of all web pages linked to its website and takes no responsibility for them. This declaration applies to all hyperlinks on the website of

The Webteam would like to thank:

Our families and friends. Special thanks to all Acers and non Acers who provide any content for the site and support us. Magnus Rosén for the updates on Arose, Anna Braw and Libris for the information about the book. Thanks to everybody who visits this website and to those who add this site in their linklist.

And of course: Tack så mycket! To: Jenny Berggren and Jakob Petrén
For your musically effort and for the happiness you and your music bring into our lives.
And a special thanks to Bengan.


All rights reserved. All graphics made by the Webmasters. Pictures by webmasters, fans and different photographer. All videos and audiofiles made by webmasters or fans. Do not use any of these stuff without permission of the owner. mail:

The information on our website has been put together  with the greatest care. However, we cannot guarantee either its  completeness or its accuracy. The Jenny Berggren Source accepts no liability for errors in the contents of its website. These pages contain product and company names as well as names of persons; these are used  only for the purpose of identification. These names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

User’s visiting and using the website and downloading data do so entirely at the risk. The Jenny Source accepts no liability for any injury or damage resulting from such actions in particular damage to data or to the hardware or software of the user.

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