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Jenny’s first steps in the music biz

In October 1991 Jenny recorded 2 Songs with the Swedish group Masque. She sang the leadvocals in „Behind Thoughts“ and the backingvocals in „Halfroom“. The recording took place before Ace of Base started to record their very first album „Happy Nation“. As far as we know Masque produced 2 albums called „Flesh That Understands“ (1991) and „Ten Ways“ (1994). But Jenny only appeared on the first one. They didn’t become big in Sweden or somewhere else and happened to be some kind of insider band. Today they are working on different projects.

Masque consisted of

– Magnus Berggren – Bass
– Johan Engström – Guitars
– Stefan Kalin  – Vocals
– Lars Källfelt – Drums
– Jerker Rellmark – Keyboards, vocals and percussion

Album "Flesh that understands"
1. Time to burn
2. Feeding her
3. A confident dance
4. Limbs might wail
5. Behind thoughts
6. Malaria man
7. Halfroom
8. Wash the sun
9. Of lesser dogs

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