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Children Story Contest

1) By Judith D.: „ok I’m not really good writing  children stories but I did my best. This is a story based on a real  event (it happened to my friend)
in this case the main idea is captured from the story 😉 hope you like it and sorry for the bad english writing“

Once upon of time there were a happy couple of birds  that displayed their blue wings in search of twigs to build their new  nest. They had spent 4 days to finish their home; being very tired they  flew in search of food.

Meanwhile an egocentric squirrel was chasing a  beetle, the squirrel suddenly slipped and fell on the nest that the  birds had built. The nest was destroyed, working ants carrying leaves on  their backs saw what happened. The squirrel with an indifferent  attitude said to the couple of birds:
-I’m sorry to say that your nest has been destroyed by an army of ants that were searching for twigs to build a new home-
The squirrel lied because she did not want to build a  new nest  for the birds and with great fear in her eyes ran down the  forest. The two little birds cried uncontrollably for not having a place  to live  but the ants came and told them the truth to the birds.
-the squirrel has been who has destroyed your nest, but her biggest pride did not let her say the truth-
The birds visited the squirrel’s home to ask for her  help in building a new nest, but the squirrel had refused to build a new  home for the birds. The ants heard what happened and decided to help  the birds building a new nest

The birds surprised by the help of the ants were so  grateful, so they  were friends forever, and the egocentric squirrel was  left alone without friends to play with.

– – – The End – – –

2) Written by Rinat Meshulam

This is a story about a little cloud.

This cloud was very special and different from the  other clouds. He didn’t like bringing down rain and he didn’t like the  winter.
The reason was that the winter made him blue and he  just loved the summer and the sun, this yellow sun that made him feel  happy and made him smile.
But he was a cloud and clouds have a duty to bring rain to make the grass green and makes flowers grow.
The cloud didn’t want to join his friends, and  because of it there wasn’t enough rain, and instead of green grass he  created a desert.
One day when the cloud took a trip in the sky, he  started to cry rainy tears because he looked and saw what had happened  because he didn’t want to do his work.
God came to the cloud and asked him why he  was crying. And the cloud say that he didn’t mean to create a desert, he  wanted the grass to be green and the flowers to bloom.

„I don’t want to be sad, I love smiling and the sun makes me smile“.
God explained to him the importance of his duty and  he made a deal with the cloud: After you bring rain the flowers will  grow and the sun will come out and give them light.   

The cloud smiled and in one of his eyes was a tear of rain, so God created a rainbow from the tear and the smile of the cloud.
So the cloud understood his duty and he started to bring rain.
Sometimes he cries tears of rain and sometimes he smiles for the sun.
And this is the reason why we have a rainbow in the sky.
– – – The End – – –    

3) Written by Sara West

„Let’s go play!“, Nora said to her brother John. „Ok, but I get to be the king of the castle!“, he said. Nora loved to play  outside. It was even more fun when her brother played too. They liked to  go to the playground. It was close to their house, so they walked  there.
As they were walking, Nora saw a boy sitting on a  bench outside his house. „He looks sad,“ she thought. She looked away.  She didn’t like to see people sad. It made her sad too. She wanted to be  happy, so she didn’t look at him again.

When they got to the park, John ran to the swings. He  liked to swing high in the air. Nora liked to swing too. „One day I  will swing really high just like my brother,“ she thought. They played  on the swings, and the slide, and the jungle bars. They played hide and  seek. They built a castle. They set sail on a pirate ship.
John looked at the sky, „It’s starting to get dark.  We should go home.“ „But we just got here!,“ Nora said. Two hours felt  like two minutes.
As they were walking home, Nora saw the bench again.  The boy wasn’t sitting there anymore. She remembered how sad he looked  and it made her sad too.
They were almost home when John starting running. He  grabbed the door handle. „I beat you!“, he said to his sister. „No  fair!“ Nora said, „You didn’t say we were racing!“

Mom looked at them sternly and said, „Dad is cooking  dinner. Can you help me set the table?“ Nora couldn’t wait to eat. She  was hungry and the food smelled so good. „Is it almost ready, Dad?“,  Nora asked. „I’m really hungry.“ „Not yet, but it will be ready in a few  minutes,“ Dad said. „Go help Mom and John set the table.“
„How was your day?“ Mom asked after passing the bread  around the table. „We fought two dragons and built a castle!“ John  said. „We flew an airplane and sailed a pirate ship too,“ Nora added. „A  pirate ship!?“ Dad asked. „Tell me all about it!“ He said. „It was a  huge pirate ship! Bigger than this whole house!“, Nora said. She gave  him every detail. „Well, that is one amazing ship!“ Dad said. „I bet  everyone will want to sail on it.“

Nora told them about the boy too. „There was a boy  sitting on a bench. He was sitting all by himself and he looked sad.  It’s no fun being sad. It’s more fun being happy!“ „You’re right. It is  more fun being happy,“ Mom said. „Do you think the boy sitting on the  bench would like to sail on a pirate ship?“
Nora could barley sleep all night.  Morning came and  she was the first one awake. „It’s time to go! Hurry up John!“, she  said. Once he was ready, they started walking to the playground. „I hope  that boy is sitting on the bench today,“ she thought. She looked, but  he wasn’t there.

They got to the playground and saw someone sitting on  a swing. „Hey, it’s that boy we saw yesterday!“ Nora said. „He still  doesn’t look happy,“ John said. Nora walked up to the boy. „What’s your  name?“ she asked. He looked down at the ground. „Elliot“, he whispered.   „I’m Nora.“

„We have a pirate ship this big!“, she said as she  stretched her arms out as far as they would reach. „You can steer it if  you want. You can even be the Captain!“ Slowly, a smile appeared on  Elliot’s face. „The Captain?“, Elliot asked. „Of course!“ Nora said.  „Here’s the ship!“ Step aboard Captain! Don’t forget your hat and sword  too. Where are we sailing to?“ Elliot thought for a moment. „Narnia!“  „You heard the Captain!“, Nora said to John. „Set sail for Narnia!“
– – – The End – – –     

Winner: Rinat, Israel

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