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When Jenny and Magnus Rosén met at a demonstration against the closing of a music school they didn’t know where destiny would lead them. But as both are musicians with heart and soul it was just a question of time until the conversation led to the fave topic. Magnus told Jenny hat he is about to start a new project with some very dedicated musicians, something that will deal with funk and jazz. This project turned out to be AROSE!

Read our Interview with Magnus Rosén here.

Arose consisted of

Magnus Rosén – Bass (Hammerfall) – boss of the band
Emrik Larsson –  Leadvocals, backing vocals & songwriter (ex. Stonefunkers)
Imre Daun – Drums
Glen Sandgren – Guitars
Jenny Berggren – Leadvocals & backing vocals

Their album „Arose“ was released in February 2006.


1. Ordinary Man
2. Day Dreamer
3. Timezone
4. High Life
5. Forbidden Fruit
6. Trashcan
7. Circus
8. Storyteller
9. Attitude
10. Past Future

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