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Our Story
Written by Jessi in 2016

When I was a kid I always wanted to become a journalist. By that time I couldn’t even imagine a life without the weekly Bravo magazine. I loved music and I loved writing so why not writing for the Bravo magazine 🙂

So when I found out that the original official Ace of Base fanclub didn’t exist anymore, I applied to the German record company to base a new one. I got a denial some weeks later with the apology that the band decided to have one international fan club instead of several in each country. I think the actual reason was that they though; I – at the age of 15 – was far too young.

By that time I had around 50 penpals all around the world. Most of them were Acers of course. Soon I realized that even though there weren’t official fanclubs there were several unofficial fanclubs in different countries. So one day at the age of 16 I decided to create a German fanclub, since I wanted to support the band and deliver news, bring the fans closer together on the other hand I could do what I loved most beside singing, I could write.

In 1996 I published the very first issue of The Bridge To The Base’s fanmags. I sent out advertisement to my penpals to spread the information and soon the club was growing.

Anja and I met in 2002 during a German Acermeeting. We connected immediately, talked the whole night, we had a whole Acerlife to catch up. She was also in my fanclub and told me that she had tried to contact me before but since I already had so many penpals and was busy running the fanclub I couldn’t take any more penpals.

By that time I had a collaboration with the German Acerdom website, who promoted my fanclub and Anja was working as a ambassador for the German 4-ever website. So when the collaboration with Acerdom stopped Anja and I talked about creating our own website. By that time I had no idea how to do that. I told Anja what I would like to have and how I imagined to site to look like and she created the very first version of Aceisland. Btw. the name Aceisland happened because our domain provider had a special Easter offer if you have the German word „ei“ (egg) in the name, so the decision was easy.


The Jenny Source started as a category on Aceisland. Jenny was the member with the most projects so it was natural that she would get her own corner. Soon in 2006 the Jenny category became a separate Jenny archive on the Aceisland server called „The Jenny Source“ with the subtitle „just another piece of Aceisland“. One year later in May 2007 we registered an own domain and The Jenny Source became independent.

The Jenny Source

In between Aceisland is history and The Jenny Source celebrated 15 years…

Looking back on the past 20 years I’m impressed how the journey of The Jenny Source started… I could never imagine this would go so far…

* updated 2022
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